Start with a Solid Plan of How-to Setup a Website

A lot of websites start off with only the barest level of planning, or, with no planning at all.

I can understand that.  For you this may be the first time you’re setting up a website.  How could you know what to include in your plan for how to build one?

That is one of the main motivations for me to write this guide on how to setup a website.  I want to help you skip the trial and error phase and get right into the success phase.

There’s no better instructor than hands on learning.  By doing the steps as I lay them out here, you’ll be learning what it takes to setup a website in a structured and logical way.

If this is your very first website setup then I expect this exercise will take you most of a day to complete.  If you’ve setup a website before, many of the steps will be familiar to you and you will finish more quickly.

Appendix A of this guide includes my Project Plan that I’ve created for this guide.  It uses the Pomodoro Technique to help you tackle building your website so that you have frequent breaks along the way but still stay focused on the overall goal of getting the project done on time.

This plan will help you track your progress and serves as a checklist along the way.

Still with me?  Great!  Let’s tackle the first step, Establishing Web Hosting.

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Full Disclosure

Some of the links in this guide are Affiliate Links.  That means that if you use them and then make a purchase, I will be paid a commission.  I only recommend products and services that I use myself and believe will be useful to you.

PS – If you want to get this entire series as an easy to read, downloadable and printable PDF I’ve made it available for purchase. Buy your copy today for only $9.95!


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