Bluehost makes it very easy to set up WordPress for your website.  In just a few clicks you will be all set and ready to launch.

Log into Bluehost at https://Bluehost.com.

Select the “My Sites” option in the left navigation column.

Click the “Create Site” button to start making a website.  You’ll be asked for a site name, like a book title for your website, and a tag line, like teaser text for your site.

On the next screen select the domain you registered from the drop-down list.  You can also specify a directory to put this domain into which is helpful if you are going to have multiple websites but is optional.

Now the wheels will spin for a minute or two while your site is created.

And then you will be shown you your installation details.


Technically, you now have a website.  It’s not very functional at the moment.  In fact all anyone can see when they visit your website address is a “Coming Soon” page.

But your site is up and running.  Now it’s time for you to finish up the site configuration tasks by adding the “All Important WordPress Plugins”.

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